Official insights and announcements from the people at Property Solutions

May 27
Paying Rent with American Express

Category: Residents

Entrata has made it easy for ResidentPay users to offer American Express (AMEX) as a payment option for residents. The AMEX payment option has been enabled by default upon the May 27 rollout for all Entrata partners that have card payments enabled at their properties. Our agreements for payments are not card or brand-specific, so…
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May 26
A Pandemic Response Built on Values

Category: Values

A couple of months ago Entrata found itself facing an unforeseen crisis of seemingly limitless scale and seriousness. Along with the nationwide apartment housing industry and the local tech corridor, we worked as fast as we could to react. We quickly transitioned our entire team to work from home and a strategic task force assembled…
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May 12
A Brighter Outlook

Category: Newsletters

For weeks we’ve been hearing predictions that the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the various national and local responses to it, would have widespread and devastating effects on our communities and the economy at large. I’m happy to report that the trends we’re observing at Entrata tell a story that is more hopeful than anyone predicted.

May 11
The Importance of Data Integrity

Category: Newsletters, Technology

Data is like oil to multifamily organizations, a valuable resource that takes a fair share of effort to acquire. And like oil, obtaining data is only half the battle, as both are of most value after being properly refined and processed.  While data integrity is essential in any industry, this is especially true in multifamily….
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Apr 1
The Next Step in the Evolution of Leasing

Category: Leasing, Management, Residents, Services, Technology

Advanced Account Verification is poised to become a multifamily game-changer. Remember the days of rent check drop boxes? If a cold shiver just went down your spine, you’re not alone. Automated banking services and online resident portals came to the rescue and helped prevent situations such as lost checks, delayed approvals and strained relationships with…
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Mar 27
Get Real: AI + Martech = Real Results

Category: Marketing, Technology

The apartment world is only scratching the surface with regard to the possibilities of artificial intelligence. Marketing technologies such as automation are a bit further along in the multifamily spectrum, but there is plenty of room for growth there, as well.  The possibilities become exponentially greater when AI and martech are used in tandem. 

Mar 25
Is it Time to Accept Bitcoin Payments at Your Community?

Category: Technology

To say that the multifamily industry is catching up to the technology curve at an accelerated rate might be an understatement. It is now possible to take leasing tours through VR, conduct self-guided tours, communicate with team members and residents instantly and control apartment features from a smartphone app. Rental payments have also evolved from…
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Mar 19
The AI Effect

Category: Residents, Technology

Delivering a Next-Level User Experience that Boosts NOI What’s intuitive to one might not be intuitive to another. Because every technology user is different, it’s nearly impossible to create a purely intuitive experience for everyone alike.  Until now, that is. Artificial intelligence is poised to make it happen.  The possibilities are nearly infinite when integrating…
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Mar 10
Entrata’s Coronavirus Response

Category: Company Announcements, Newsletters

With widespread concern over the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, Entrata’s focus is on keeping our team members safe while maintaining service without disruptions to our partners and clients. We have watched closely as the situation has evolved, and I’d like to update you on the steps we’re taking.

Feb 10
Catering to Students: An Unconventional Approach

Category: Student

The one-size-fits-all approach might work with headbands and wooly hats. But in the multifamily industry, there are very few cookie-cutter solutions. A key component to creating a user-friendly experience, for both prospects and existing residents, is to develop catered solutions based on the type of resident you’re aiming to attract. Yet many multifamily operators go…
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